★  Can’t stand with Drum Only system ?

★  Drum in disc or what else ?

★  Why do drum brakes last so long ?

★  More efficient rear brake is not a dream !!! We believe !


Benefits of our design:

  • Keep your original ABS function well.

  • Fit original wheel.

  • Extra spacer is not necessary of more smart design.

  • Hand brake cable does not need to be re-installed for most models.

  • Total solution with all parts at once.

  • High braking performance than original one.

  • Upgrading to racing caliper* is no longer a problem.


Why Drum in Disc dual system?

  1. Disc brakes dissipate heat better (brakes work by converting motion/kinetic energy to heat energy). Under severe usage such as repeated hard stops or riding the brakes down a long incline, disc brakes take longer to lose effectiveness (a condition known as brake fade).

  2. Disc brakes also perform better in wet weather, because centrifugal force tends to fling water off the brake disc and keep it dry, whereas drum brakes will collect some water on the inside surface where the brake shoes contacts the drums.

  3. Drums still survived? Disc brakes work only through hydraulics, which make them very tricky to use for hand brakes. If you try to clamp a disc when it’s temperature gone high, the efficiency also goes down very quickly. A cool drum hand brake can function better at the meantime.


* Racing caliper : For example -> AP Racing, Alcon, Brembo, Endless, Project Mu, PFC, Wilwood, Stoptech…..etc.