We found a very cute decoration (Website) from Japan.

One of them said that such a genius idea it is to create a decoration like this!

Actually, it is not cheap – cost 12,500 Yen (tax and shipping excluded) (Webdite).

It is our chance to create a real rear drum to disc conversion kit to make it come true.

Although, we could not provide Brembo calipers, but we could provide a conversion kit for Suzuki Jimny.

With a conversion kit, a Brembo 4 pot rear brake kit for their lovely vehicles will not be just a dream.

Since we are the only company focusing on improving rear brakes, we found that drum in disc system is the perfect braking system for present.

Especially for vehicle like Suzuki Jimny, it comes with the drum on its rear from the first generation till present.

There are no products except ours can help to change them to disc brakes and also fit their original wheels.

The most important thing is we size down the drum and switch it to a pure mechanical system.

You can stop your vehicle under the speed of 40~60 Km/HR with hand brake only on a flat road.

Double systems bring double safety.



Following is newly update :

Hub of Jimny01






How huge the hub of Suzuki Jimny is! It’s hard to imagine a vehicle like Jimny with a 175mm Hub.

Drum for Jimny01






Compare to its original drum in size of 220mm, we need to reduce its size to 17x mm. And a disc will come after.

Immage for Jimny01










It will look like this of our design for Suzuki Jimny in the future. Need to open a tooling for the disc.

To make a drum to disc conversion kit for Jimmy is almost impossible.

The space is not enough to build a smaller drum with bracket for converting.

This project had been suspended for one and half year.

We find a new solution for it and will re-star design work after D-max and Navara been completed.

To be continue ……..    2017.Mar.