A witness, A true story about rear drum to disc conversion kit ……….. Happened in the United State. From LA CAR.com        … Read More

Isuzu D-max  rear drum to disc conversion kit is coming soon~   D-max is the most difficult one for designing amount all four pickups. Compare to Hilux, Triton and Navara, the bolt connecting axle and bearing case use M12 instead and the others use M10. Obviously, Isuzu strengthen them is not for no reason.  … Read More

Mitsubishi Triton ~ Mitsubishi Triton has many relatives : Mitsubishi L200 / Strada / Sportero / Hunter Fiat Fullback Ram 1200   Mitsubishi Triton’s Design Journey Started : The bottom view of Mitsubishi Triton O.E. Rear Drum of Triton – shoe unloaded3D scan result of Triton’s drum – Front view One more angle, Back view… Read More

Flew to Malaysia. This is the place we took measurement. All people are kind here. First target – Current Model of Toyota Hilux Bottom View of Hilux Original Rear Drum of Hilux 3D Scan Image of Hilux Redesign the Raw Data to Hilux Conversion Kit Design Image 1 of Hilux Design Image 2 of Hilux… Read More

Rear drum to disc conversion kit – Daihatsu Terios / Toyota Rush. Best quality is no compromise !!! Brakes are the products which protect human life.   When developing rear drum to disc kit for Daihatsu Terios / Toyota Rush, we found that it needs to provide a more accurate precision from drum only system… Read More

Drum in Disc ; not only 4 discs A rear-wheel-drive race car with 50/50 front/rear weight ratio as its perfect model. For normal car, the weight ratio is 60/40 or even closes to 70/30, then the brake ratio between the front and rear 60/40 or 70/30 to create a perfect brake balance. Weight transfer should… Read More

We found a very cute decoration (Website) from Japan. One of them said that such a genius idea it is to create a decoration like this! Actually, it is not cheap – cost 12,500 Yen (tax and shipping excluded) (Webdite). It is our chance to create a real rear drum to disc conversion kit to… Read More

  A witness from local sole agent of Daihatsu. A manager works on Daihatsu local head office,  driving a Sirion between office and home everyday. He is an ordinary driver who drives fast only in special situation. His driving skill is pretty well and likes to test anything new. After installing UPI drum to disc… Read More

Never forget the drum !!! It is so cool to upgrade to AP Racing, Brembo, Alcon or any well known racing calipers. But when people remove the O.E. caliper, the hand brake will also be removed. Most people couldn’t find a better solution and feel frustrated. Brembo provides extra calipers through the cable function for… Read More