• Even when hydraulic system (brake pedal) fail, mechanical hand brake drum structure still provides considerable braking power. Drum in disc brake system is the most complete system.


  • Drum brake is a very stable and inexpensive brake system, is widely used in the truck system. The disadvantages are its delay of reaction and not able to withstand high temperatures.

    ※ When water intrudes, drum brakes need to rule out water completely to the proper functioning.


  • Drum in Disc brake System in addition to its cost is relatively high, almost equal to the complete brake system. Performance cars are equipped with four-disc for its original braking systems.(Ex. Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes…etc.)


  • When the handbrake on the caliper, as a single system (composite caliper), you can get the advantages of both. The only problem is that its hand brake is unable to afford a larger load, when the load is large, this means there is a greater risk. This is why the high loading vehicle will choose a cheap drum system, or expensive drum in disc dual system. The composite caliper is almost non-existent in this field.


  • Upgrade the rear brake system is definitely the right choice, provide safe and reliable brakes is the UPI’s mission! Whether you just want to upgrade to a disc with drum dual system, or off road use, even to race on the track, you will need to match racing calipers and large-size disc. A reliable and stable drum in disc system or drum mechanism is only UPI!