— We choose the hardest way —

Based on our more than a decade experience in the agency of AP Racing. We find that all well-known brands are so weak in modified rear brakes for non-racing cars. This behavior of enhanced front brake only will make braking much more difficult to control. Is there any better solution? Only few companies specializing in carrying out development in this area. Should we easily give up the balance of the front and rear brake? So, we decided to challenge this difficult task with you! A faith to challenge high quality and complex structures – Drum in Disc system.


For ordinary user, we provide a drum to disk conversion kit, a total solution, a plug & play installation kit, take less than an hour’s labor for most vehicles.

For heavy user, we provide a pair of parking mechanisms. They are much stronger than the original one in your car. With a new parking drum, there is no limitation for you to choose any well-known calipers (such as AP racing, Brembo, Alcon….etc.) as you wish. New hand brake (drum parking mechanism) gives one more safety protection when disk brake failed.

People upgrade their wheels or tires, the braking power will become weaker than it had before. Most people chose to solve this problem focusing on the front by easy way, but actually, upgrade the rear brake is more efficient……….. A set of drum to disc conversion kit or a set of firm drum parking mechanism will help a lot !



We are a group of specialists who focus on improving rear brake systems.

Drum in disc or what else ?




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