A witness from local sole agent of Daihatsu.

A manager works on Daihatsu local head office,  driving a Sirion between office and home everyday.

He is an ordinary driver who drives fast only in special situation.

His driving skill is pretty well and likes to test anything new.

After installing UPI drum to disc kit to his Sirion,

he found out that the brake is obviously smoother than ever.

Even on a sudden brake, the gravity center of the vehicle goes down evenly.

No longer tend to tilt the front end again!

He is very satisfied with the braking performance now.

He advised us to develop a kit for Daihatsu Terios for more potential market.



A Toyota Vios owner teaches in the university.

He is a specialist of mechanical field and teaches in university.

He experienced several products of front calipers and used D-box to check the performance of their results.

Find out that the best result recorded a 4 meters shorter than the O.E. one.

Compare to the official data – 100Km/H to 0Km/H takes 42 meters, a less than 10% shorter is very expensive when install a well-known brand.

After install UPI rear drum to disc conversion kit, he feels the best balance of braking power and a pulling strength coming from the rear end that he had never experienced.

This makes he feels the entire of braking smoother than ever.

He recommends to upgrade a rear bake kit better than the font brake kit if you have a budget.



A journalist took a video for Honda Fit using UPI drum to disc conversion kit. He experiences the same surprise as the users above. Unfortunately, the video is in only Chinese version.


Videos for Toyota Vios, Yaris / Volkswagen Polo / Daihatsu Terios, Sirion, Coo, Materia, Toyota Rush, Ford Focus MK3, MK3 ST are available now :

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Videos for Ford EcoSport, Mitsubishi Colt …. are under arranging.